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Blog image PLanet Barbeque
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Good Food, Good Taste
Blog image PLanet Barbeque


Blog image PLanet Barbeque

25 October 2019

Blog image PLanet Barbeque

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Good Food , Good Taste


A birthday or a friend’s party, a family get-together or any informal meetings, Planet Barbeque is a perfect place to dine. The ambiance is set for you to hang out with your loved ones.


As you enter the Planet Barbeque our staffs welcome you with a warm-hearted smile. While you take your time to settle down, our hostess server you with our mocktail which includes a choice of fresh fruit punch or a healthy nannari sarbath with enriched basil seeds, a cool glass of honey ginger or mint lemonade, a blueberry Fizz and lots more.


As our welcome drink relish your taste buds, our dining manager introduces you to a widespread buffet, across our dining area. We serve you 7 veg (starters) and 6 non-veg (starters). Our buffets include veg and non-veg salads perfectly dressed with creams and sausage. Our main course is a mix of Indian and Continental. We do serve you with a rich mix of hot spicy curries and rotis. Our freshly baked pastries, brownies, mousse, pudding and ice creams are a treat to your heart. As you chill down with our authentic desserts we serve you with our traditional Indian sweets to close your meal with a broad smile.


Our hostess explains to you our signature foods as they serve you. Our (Restaurant) Manager encourages you to taste our foods for suggestions and improvements. We ensure that your value for money is well balanced, and we take the extra mile to serve you best.


Dine with your loved ones at our Planet Barbeque and relish the complete taste of life.

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