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23 November 2019

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Heritage of Coimbatore

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Coimbatore, which is known as the Manchester of South India, located on the banks of river Noyyal is one of the most peaceful places to settle down in South India. The city is known for its charming beauty as the Western Ghats surround it. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year. The City is known for its Textile and Yarns but today it is moving towards Software Development which plays a vital role in the IT Sector, with more and more software companies are opening their hubs in the city. Coimbatore holds residence with diversified culture. Excellent Educational Institutions at Coimbatore which enriches the city with energetic and enthusiastic youth who makes this city a happening place. The busy Crosscut Road with flooded lights, Entertainment and Happening filled Malls, very busy D.B Road are the most happening places in the city.


Every Coimbatorian would love to take a walk around the Racecourse Area. It is one of the best places for early morning walkers, joggers and fitness freaks for a brisk morning walk. As you take a walk around the Racecourse you can see aged people laughing and having fun with their friends. The street-side Valai-thandu soup is a stopover for every morning walker.


The specialty of Coimbatore is its Kongu Tamil. The native of this town has the unique Kongu slang, a specialty of adding ‘Inga’ (utmost respect) in every part of their communication. The suffix”Inga” is casually added even if the natives speak English.


The highlight of this city is the food. Which is Araicha Kulambu, Satti Meen Varuval, Kola Urundai, Arusi Parrupu Sadham, Kovai Chicken, Pichu Potta Varutha Kari, Kalaki, Burma Bai Parotta, Anganan Briyani, Krishna Sweets Mysurpa, Annapoorna Coffee, Tiffin and BBQ at Hash Six Hotel are the signatures dishes of the city.
Cotton Sarees are a trademark of Coimbatore. One can buy quality Kovai cotton sarees directly from the weavers. The city also has its pride for the sale of silk sarees, jewelry, and diamonds.


Every visitor to the city is amazed to see the sculptures of Perur Pateeshwarar temple, 110 feet Aadi Yogi, Dhyanalingam and Maruthamalai Temple. The city has close access to famous HillStations they are Udhagamandalam, Valpari, Annaikatti, and Kodaikanal.


The city is unique for its realistic, diversified residence and cultural background. We welcome the trespassers by the city to drop in to feel the love and hospitality of Coimbatorians


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