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25 December 2019

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Things To Do In Coimbatore

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A youthful soul loves traveling. Trekking and adventures always stay fresh in their memories. For travelers and trekkers, Coimbatore remains an awaited ideal landing place. Surrounded by the Western Ghats and the city is a perfect destination for hikers and roadies.


The Vellingiri Hill is one of the best places to trek on the Western Ghats near Coimbatore which is a part of the Niligiri Biosphere. The best time to trek is on a full moon night. As you trek through the mountain you could fell an aura of holiness through the pristine forests. As you climb higher and higher you reach an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. On the top of the Velliangiri Hills, Lord Shiva is worshipped as Swayambu, one who is self-created and in this form, to grace his devotees. The early morning sunrise at Vellingiri Hill seems like you are from an abode of heaven looking down the earth on a more glorified view.


Anamalai Tiger Reserve is the next perfect weekend gateway to all nature lovers and adventure maniacs. This tiger reserve is home to all kinds of endangered wildlife. This Tiger Reserve is near Pollachi in Coimbatore district stands majestic with its splendid flora and fauna including several rare, endemic and endangered species of plants and animals. The Sanctuary is highly diverse in its topography, altitude, rainfall, climate, and temperature. This place is a perfect destination for bird watchers, animal lovers, and wildlife photographers.


Siruvani waterfalls also called KovaiKutralam and it is yet another holiday spot for youth and family. With a short drive of 45 minutes from Coimbatore city you can visit this falls that is located in the dense forest. The scenic beauty of mother nature is picturesque to our eyes.


Coimbatore surrounded by the Western Ghats has many outbound training programs for individuals, children, corporates, and families. The NALS outbound program headed by ex-naval officers provides experiential learning through adventure camping and trekking. These programs are to develop family bonding, survival instincts, and leadership skills in every individual. NALS engages you with adventurous sports and leadership training. Book your slots with NALS and have an adventurous weekend!


Isha Yoga Center, situated in the foothills of Vellingiri hills is a meditation and yoga center that works on human wellness and spiritual health. It is a powerful center for self-transformation. The center fosters the inner engineering and wellbeing of mankind. Their specialized program attracts people across the globe to Coimbatore making Coimbatore a spiritual hub for yoga and wellness.


Be a child, a youth or a mid-aged person, we are always desperate to try racing. Coimbatore Kart Attack in one such place for people who love racing. These karts can be driven by anyone over the age of 10. The Track is 260 meters long. The karts are powered by 200cc Honda 4 stroke petrol-driven engines. Each race is for 5 minutes, and you get to race with your friends or your loved ones. Every driver is individually lap timed by transponders supplied by Mylaps sports timing, Belgium, the world’s no1 in sports timing gadgets.


Niligiri Biosphere Nature Park, Anaikatti which is a 50 minutes drive from Coimbatore is an eco-park that is visited by many tourists and school groups. The park has around more than 100 species of birds, different species of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and Invertebrates. This place remains untouched by people and seems remote and fresh with splendid greenery and landscape. It is mind freshening to take a nature walk along the woods of Annaikatti.


When it comes to Coimbatore there is plenty more to talk about. Every place around the city is quite interesting. Being in Coimbatore is more like staying under the umbra of nature’s care. Travelers to Coimbatore do not miss to visit these places.

More fun! More Love! NammaKovai, A Natures Gift!


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