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14 January 2020

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Kovai Festivals

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Festivals are times to take a break from monotonous life and spend time with family and friends. Coimbatore provides ample space for events and festivals and cares enough for its residence. It gives space for celebrations, gala events and carnivals covering shopping, food, dance, and fun and lets the festive mood kick in you. Coimbatore never fails to entertain its residents and keep them energetic all through the year. The City of Coimbatore is filled with musical melodies and seasonal festivals. All through the year, the city is filled with lights of joy and happiness.


The year kick starts with the nine days “Coimbatore Vizha” an annual festival of Coimbatore during the first week of January. During this festival, the entire city is set in vibrancy with children and ladies dancing through the procession exhibiting the rich culture of Tamil Nadu. Traditional classical dance festivals are staged on the arangam.  The festival begins with the grand launch of “Vaanga kondaada Aarambikalaam! followed by the “Coimbatore Marathon” to promote the healthy living of every Coimbatorian. The festival is highlighted by “Coimbatore Vizha Parade” as they stage up with an entertaining artist. Be a young budding child artist or a full-pledged renowned artist Coimbatore Vizha does not miss to give an equal opportunity to every artist. The “Art Street” at Scheme Road, Racecourse is set for young talents to exhibit their talents, conduct workshops and art lovers to have fun. Any festival is not complete without relishing food. Coimbatore Vizha organizes a food festival during this season for every visitor to add spice to their taste buds. THE PITCH, an annual event is organized to spirit up by providing support to the budding new-age start-ups in the Coimbatore region. Car and Bike shows are organized to display heritage cars in the city. Double Decker buses are arranged for children to sit on an open-top and have a pleasant ride around the city. It is great fun to be a part of this amazing festival.


Alas! What an excitement it is to go on an Air Balloon ride. Hot Air Balloon festival organized by TN tourism in the mid of January is a 3-day event that happens in Pollachi around a 1-hour drive from Coimbatore. This 3-day festival features Hot Air Balloons from eight different countries. Apart from taking a ride in the balloons, visitors participate in games, witness cultural performances, and enjoy the food at the multiple outlets.


The Koniamman (Kovai Amman) Car festival is one of the most holistic times for the entire city. This festival happens during February. This 7 days festival is celebrated as a mark of respect to Koniamman, the goddess deity who is believed as the guardian of the city. The festival is highlighted with Pattimandram, Barathanatiyam,  Isai Kacheri, and Folk dances. Women across the city offer goddess Konniamman with “Molai Payyir” and “Pachai Mavvu” and pray for the wellbeing of the city.  Followed by the Konniamman car festival is the “Dhandu Mariamman” kundam. The city is set in a festival mood with lots of prayers for the upcoming prosperous Chithirai Kanni.


The month of March is a meditative time for the entire city. The Maha Shivratri festival at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore is one of the most happening festivals in India where lakhs of people across India bond together for a spiritual divine evening. A night-long celebration happens in front of Adi Yogi with late-night Satsang. Renowned musicians and artists across the country engage the audience with divine music and melodies. The city is set in a spiritual vibrancy with an aura of holiness dwelling around the city.


Adult or a child everyone loves to see a kite flying freely high above the sky. The two day Kite Festival organized by the diamond city developers is celebrated in September. Experts Kite flyers help everyone with flying a kite and also displays a variety of giant kites like dragon kites, kites in animal shapes, and various other types. Kite festival is a time to rejoice our ancient sport and allows the next generation to understand the nuances of kite flying.


Coimbatore never fails to nurture and engage art lovers. Kovaiyil Thiruvaiyaru a divine tribute to Saint Thyagaraja is yet another devotional time set in the month of Margali (December). This three-day festival is a time for musical melodies. The city is highlighted with renowned and upcoming artists participating in the Utsav to pay their tributes to Saint Thyagarajar. This festival is a convergence of terrific talents from across the country aimed to showcase our rich cultural heritage to the younger generation of today. The musical melodies of  Thyagaraja Utsav string the city with divinity and peace.


The Coimbatore Shopping Festival is the biggest shopping fest in Tamil Nadu that takes place between 24 December and 1 January. The festival provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet face to face where agricultural, automotive, home appliances, textiles, jewelry, and many more products are demonstrated, handled, and purchased all under one roof. The CSF provides an unforgettable shopping experience during the holiday times. The festival brings in Nesavu to encourage handloom weavers to showcase and sell their exclusive handbag collections, clutches, Wallet, Kids-wear, Notebooks, and accessories. CSF features new product launches, fashion shows, music, competition, and food stalls and a lot more. Entertainment Events are the ultimate attraction for people of all ages. Events including Horse Riding, Pottery, Musical Nights, Fun-filled Games/Sports, Free-Style Stunt Show & many more on the list are added to the list to entertain every Coimbatorians for a memorable winter vacation.


The New Year bash that happens at Hash 6 is yet another hot spot in the city. The New Year bash is staged with Poolside party, DJ music, Magic shows, Indoor party and Kids play area.  The carnival brings you to live music, face painting, tattoos, unlimited food, starters, and welcome drink. These parties are a fun time for people to relax and enjoy their upcoming New Year.


There are a lot more happening at Coimbatore, stay tuned with us for more updates.

Namma Kovai, Vandhavarai Vaala Vaikum Kovai!.

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