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21 March 2020

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Best Wellness Programs in Coimbatore

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Coimbatore surrounded by hills and mountains is embellished with rich resources of flora and fauna. The city is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. With rich natural resources, the city provides a number of wellness programs across all ages.


Nature is the best doctor and has the power to cure any disease. Naturopathy is a division of Ayurveda which utilizes the Panchamahabhuta (Jal (Water), Vayu (Air), Akash (Sky), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth)), which are one of the central properties that structure our body. Naturopathy differs from the ordinary treatments as it does not just focus on removing the disorder’s symptoms from the body but also focuses on tracing the deep-root cause behind it so that the disorder could be uprooted from deep within. Coimbatore has a number of world-class Ayurvedic service centers situated within the city.


RK Nature Cure Centre, Coimbatore is one of South India’s best Naturopathy Centres which believes that the body finds ways to heal itself for any kind of ailment. What is needed is only a way to trigger and build its immunity to do so. RK Nature Cure situated in an eco-friendly environment has customer from all over India who frequently visit them for metabolic disorders that includes obesity, diabetes mellitus, thyroid-related disorders, Gout, etc, Gastrointestinal disorders that includes Acid peptic diseases, Peptic / Duodenal ulcers, constipation, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome. They prescribe individualized programs on fasting, dietary correction, Hatha yoga, and natural treatments. To cure disease, the first and foremost requirement is to regulate one’s diet. To get rid of accumulated toxins and restore the equilibrium of the system they regulate you on a strict diet and monitor your wellness on a timely basis. RK centre believes that Asanas, Pranayama, deep relaxation, Kriyas, and mental concentrations increase vitality, radiant health, and help in curing physical illnesses. The customers who enroll in these wellness programs are expected to stay within their campus until the completion of the program. Their treatments include Hydro Therapy, Helio Therapy, Electro Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Mud Therapy and varied type of body Massage. R K Nature Cure Home recommends complete rest and fun-filled recreation of the body, mind, and soul.


Vaidyagrama a natural Ayurveda healing village at Maddukarai Coimbatore is yet another centre that provides education and Ayurvedic treatment to people. The Green Ayurveda eco-friendly centre utilizes renewable energy, wastewater recycling, and organic food cultivation. They provide Ayurvedic care including authentic treatments like panchakarma, Shirodhara and pizhichil with the expert healing team of experienced Vaidyas as well as therapists. They prepare their own classical medicines with simple and essential Ayurvedic ingredients. They do aspire to mold our lifestyle and routine in a positive way through regular counseling, prayers, and pujas on the campus to enhance the healing vibrations to its customers.

The Coimbatore city has a number of Pranic healing centers to heal the mind and to avoid negative thoughts and emotions. Pranic healing gives the ability to gain control and direct thought process towards successive, positive and creative way. Pranic beauty treatment also helps in removing dark circles, pimple cure and improve skin color and gives a natural glow and a wrinkle-free skin. Gmcksand Limra is some of the leading Pranic centres in Coimbatore.


Located in the foothills of Vellingiri hills the Isha Rejuvenation Centre offers a residential program to experience inner peace and the joy of being healthy. The program is designed for people who suffer from chronic ailments and lifestyle-related health issues. Participants also learn simple yoga, meditation and also ways of cleansing the five elements within their body. Each program offers medical consultations, Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurveda and Siddha medicines, spending time in consecrated spaces, nature walks, nutritious cuisine, and dietary and healthy lifestyle recommendations. Any participant who has taken part in these programs would want to renew for these programs year after year.


Kalpaviruksha is a unique ecofriendly Ayurvedic resort offering effective wellness programs based on authentic Ayurvedic therapies. Located within 2 km from Coimbatore the centre provides mental healing therapies, beauty therapies, and distress and detoxification therapies. Their residential program starts from 2 to 8 days and assures you to boost your immune system and improve your daily lifestyle.


All those who visit Coimbatore can enroll in these wellness programs to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.


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