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18 April 2020

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Quality Time With Family


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Quarantine has become a necessary part of daily routine due to the spread of novel coronavirus and many people are looking for ways to pass the time while practicing social distancing and self-isolation. While this is a moment filled with anxiety and uncertainty, we should also seek joy, comfort, and distraction where we can find it while doing our part to help flatten the curve.


Some may find they have less time on their hands — thanks to new childcare demands, or performing an essential service on the front lines — but those who’ve ended up with more, can consider this a chance to dabble in all of the things they’ve never quite gotten around to — like diving into books you’ve been wanting to read for years, re-watching all eight seasons of Game of Thrones or brushing up on history with an engrossing podcast.


This is indeed the best period to spend quality time with children and family. We may not have had enough time to explain our family values, tradition and culture to our children till yesterday under the pretext of being busy, however, this is not the case now. Take time out to explain about the rich Tamil Culture and Heritage, the sweetness of Tamil as a language and our contribution to the world of Science, Astronomy, and Medicine.


Here we give you a few suggestions on how this can be achieved


  • Applebox is a YouTube channel that has a lot of short stories from AimberumKappiyam that includes Sillapthikaram, SeevagaChintamani, Manimegalai, Kundalakesi, and Valaiyapathi. Parents can sit with their children and watch these stories. These are not only moral based but are also historic and they give a wide spectrum of how olden days kings ruled their kingdom, the power of women hood and how men valued women and their decision-making skills. “PonniyenSelvan” is a must-watch video. It will give a lot of insight into war, people’s livelihood, and bravery.


  • Spare some time to open up your marriage and childhood albums. Show them to your kids and explain to them the rituals and customs. As you go through your albums there might be people who had been inspirational to you and are no more now. Your child needs to know about the people who contributed to your betterment.


  • Indulge kids into your daily household activities. This is a life skill which you might not be able to teach them during busy working days. Teach them to make simple sweets and encourage them to taste simple kongu foods. Soiyyan, Then Mittai, Kachayam, Pala Bajji, Kai murukku, RagiPakkoda, PaalKolukattai, Paniyaram are simple snacks that we can make for kids during evenings.


  • Today’s kids do not get time to spend time with their grandparents. Grandma tales and playing olden day games with grandparents bring a lot of bonding within the family. Let kids spend time with their grandparents and make kids understand it is their time to assist old people at home.


Family values, culture and integrity cannot be taught by words to children – it is observed and imbibed from their parents and elders at home. We wish you have a happy quarantine time with family.

Stay home, stay safe.


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